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Love Them That Much; Give Them Healthy Cookies

It might not be Valentine’s Day just yet, well, at the time of writing this piece on cookies anyhow, but you never know. There might be folks out there who are just so madly in love that they’ll want to get cracking with their Valentine’s Day gift ideas right away. Of course, that red letter day is not for everyone but even they may have reasons to celebrate. It could be someone’s birthday or a special anniversary.

Not necessarily the wedding anniversary, mind you, it could be a grand old great aunt reaching that rare milestone of being able to live for one hundred years or more. Because of her healthy outlook to life – how else would she have been able to achieve this milestone? She would not mind indulging her long-dormant sweet tooth on this occasion. Figuratively speaking of course, because by now, the old girl is probably wearing clickety-clackety dentures.

custom cookies for Valentine

Folks in love, young and old, or folks who think they are in love, young and old, are not always as ingenious and romantic as the above-said shopper who decided to start shopping early for Valentine’s Day gift ideas. For most of them it is usually a toss-up between a bunch of flowers or a goodie box of chocolates or traditional custom cookies for Valentine’s Day. And perhaps a dining night out if the budget is able to be stretched that far.

If you really love someone this much (arms stretch out wide, like this) you might wish to put a little more goodness in that person’s heart in the health and wellness sense. If you love that person that much, you might want to stretch out the years with him or her. You might even want to see him or her live that long and happy life, just like that old aunt has. So, if you want to stick with edibles, here’s an idea for you then.

Why not put together a lovely tin of organic, gluten free chocolate chip cookies this time. Chocolate is still good for you, provided that it has always been enjoyed in moderation. And these days, it has got to be organic. Because you have no idea what else they are putting in to those traditional candy bars these days. But why must your cookies, and so much of your other food, be gluten free these days?

Well, for one thing, it has never been good for your tummy. It’s a form of protein that is usually found in your grains, breads and breakfast cereals. But fat lot of good that has done. More upsets than good. They’ll be using it to make choc-chip cookies the conventional way because the gluten helps to keep the sticky things together. But you can perform magic with the organic ingredients too. And after your lover has wolfed down a handful of those gluten free choc chip cookies, be prepared, because her energy levels are about to shoot through the roof.